Start With Basic Dermatological Advice And Care

You do this every day of your lives, it is assumed. You will, more than likely, be taking at least two showers a day, once in the morning before you go to work or school and once more before you go to bed at night. And in-between you would have washed your face, amongst a few other daily cleaning rituals. Some do more than others, but you wonder sometimes if in doing so, they are acting in the best interests of their health and wellbeing.

The dermatologist in denver co will advise you in no uncertain but easy to understand terms that there is more than meets the eye where even basic skin care is concerned. The dermatologist of course, is a specialist medical practitioner in the area of skin care and treatment. Washing your face twice a day, at least, with soap and water is all good and well, but what if this rudimentary ritual was insufficient or even harmful to your skin.

And these days it is indeed not enough. The sun’s UV rays are stronger than it has ever been and then of course, there are the challenges of pollution to which the skin is hopelessly exposed to. Speaking of pollution, the very ‘skin care’ products that people purchase for cleansing and cosmetic purposes is harmful for the main reason that it is loaded with chemicals. Unless an extreme skin disease or infection is being treated, the dermatologist would now strongly advise in favor of using organic skin care products that are free of carbon-emitting chemicals and toxins.

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Finally, so many people tend to forget what an impact, good and bad, their daily diet plays in the overall health of their skin. Start with this basic advice then; eat and drink only healthy foods.