It Will Be A Warm Massage

A cold shiver runs down your spine as you contemplate this next move. It just so happens, that with a twinkle in her eye, one of your friends has warmly suggested that you book yourself in for a massage. The fact that she told you that her fredericksburg massage was quite delightful has not quite convinced you just yet. And sure enough, she is vivacious and quite outgoing while you tend to be a little on the shy, reserved and petite side.

And that is just the thing. It is quite important, really. It is something to feel good about, actually. Because how would the world be if everyone was really – humdrum, yawn – all the same. The world as you thought you knew it would be quite boring indeed. And while you do prefer to have things your way just a little on the quiet side, and not on the wild side like your friend over there, you surely, would not want to die of boredom.

Imagine having absolutely nothing to do. Or imagine having to do the same old plain old things over and over again. It could make you sick, you know. Oh, alright, you said it, you feel as though you are a living proof example of this, routine is actually good for you. Fair enough. Good point. Glad you brought that one up. But then how come your shoulders seem to be so squeezed. How about those tight knots in the corners there?

fredericksburg massage

Change your routine, why don’t you, and add a lunchtime massage into the mix. No need to shiver because if that is what your body needs, it will be a warm massage. Hot rocks and delicate fingers. Fine oils and peace and tranquility.