Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

Dental veneers are tooth-colored and shaped resin that is put over the front of the teeth to prevent damage and injury and to hide imperfections. People use veneers when they want less invasive treatment options after chipping a tooth, to hide discoloration, and many other reasons. And while many people enjoy dental veneers lynnwood, they’re not suitable for everyone. Are dental veneers right for you?

Schedule a consultation with the dentist to learn more about dental veneers. He’ll answer all your questions and provide the information needed to decide if veneers are suitable for your needs. One of the biggest and most important facts to keep in mind is that once dental veneers are put on the teeth, they’re permanent and cannot be removed. That is why it’s so important to thoroughly evaluate veneer before committing to them.

dental veneers lynnwood

Costs are also a big concern to keep in mind before deciding to use veneers. While not the costliest dental treatment, veneers costs usually aren’t covered by insurance plans, so you are responsible for covering the costs out of pocket. Keep in mind that many dentists offer financing options to help offset some of the costs of veneers. Do talk to your insurance agent to double check the coverage for veneers. Some policies may cover a portion of the costs, but do not expect this coverage.

Our teeth make it easy for us to smile beautifully and they give us confidence and self-esteem. But, over time, stains, chips, and other concerns may stand in the way of your beautiful teeth, your smile and happiness. Veneers come in to protect the teeth from future damage and hide any imperfections in the process. Are veneers right for you? Talk to your dentist to learn more.